You might not b…

You might not be happy during the day, but when it’s bed time, there is always some happiness.

So yeah, that’s the message for my poem that I have to write in English, just cause I want you guys to tell me if my poem is good and shows that meaning, here it is:


The sun goes u ,

The sun goes d





At the end of the day,



It is u  in a dream.  


It is u  in a book.


It is u  in a movie.


Stay up, the sunflowers say.

We need you,



Please leave a comment and tell me if it is a good poem. 

Sorry, I know this post is, like, really boring, the rest of my blog will just be about everything that happens in my life. You might not find it interesting. And in every post I will try to include a Teenager Post (if it relates to me).





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